Oldy's Infused creates delicious, unique infused African Coffees and Teas.

At Oldy’s Infused we LOVE Africa. Oldy’s Infused is an Afrocentric brand that creates cool, craft, edible products by sourcing and combining African coffee and African grown cannabis oils. We are an eco-friendly company and here at Oldy’s we strive to continuously keep our packaging as environmentally friendly while protecting the freshness of our products.

Oldy’s Infused is constantly growing and we are in the process of creating new unique handmade smoking products. At Oldy’s we realise that this time of Covid has taken an enormous toll on artists as an industry. Right through from tattoo artists, graphic artists and freelancers from all walks. Everyone has suffered.

Oldy’s would like to collaborate with local (South African) artists who would like to take part in a cool exposure project.

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Take a look at what unique infused coffee’s and teas we here at Oldy’s have to offer.

Feedback from the Oldy's Family

Like I have said before, two of my favourite things are coffee and weed. Ans when they combine you get amazing products like oldysinfused coffee The CBD coffee they offer is a great way to take in that daily 20mg dose of CBD while their Wake and Bake helps you find that nice Sativa balance, where you can be uplifted, yet productive and focused. From the Malawian coffee bean to the Malawian landrace they grow and use for the coffee, the combination is perfect to the last drop. The coffee has a rich aroma with a bold earthy flavour with notes of vanilla and fruit that will leave you craving more. I always liked CBD coffee but I might just have found one of my new favourites. Highly recommended them out.

About Us

We Love Coffee, and African coffee particularly. Africa has a very long history of growing exceptional coffee’s and teas. Coffee is one of the continent’s largest export commodities and we experience the same vast diversity in coffee than we do in people. From a medium roast bean, single sourced from Malawi to a dark roasted bean from the jungles of the Rwanda the spirit of the coffee is unique to each region.

Cannabis has been used medicinally and recreationally in Africa since the dawn of time. Our Ganja is legendary and some of the most well known strains come from or are based on strains from South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi and others. This long history has currently being rewritten as the medical benefits of cannabis is revealed by medical studies all over the world.

Resilience and genuine hospitality is a part of our people, and what better way to celebrate this hospitality than over a cup of coffee or tea.

We only use single source coffee beans sourced from farms across Africa. We support fair trade because that’s how we roll here at Oldy’s.