Artist Collabaration Terms and Conditions


1.1 In these terms and conditions:

  • “Agreement” means this Agreement between the Artist and Oldy’s to which these terms and conditions apply;
  • “Artist” means the legal person named in this Agreement as providing the Work;
  • “Artwork” means the final design for the Work in an A6 sized image. 
  •  “Intellectual Property Rights” means patents, copyright, registered and unregistered design rights, utility models, trade marks (whether or not registered), database rights, rights in knowhow and confidential information and all other intellectual and industrial property rights and similar or analogous rights existing under the laws of any country and all rights to apply for or register such rights;
  • “Reference Materials” means any information, techniques, know-how, ideas, concepts and materials (regardless of the form or medium in which they are disclosed or stored) that are owned by or licensed to Oldy’s;
  • “Licensed Rights” means the use Oldy’s can make of the Intellectual Property Rights agreed upon in respect of the Work or Artwork;
  • “Work” means the service to be provided by Artist

1.2 A person includes a natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having separate legal personality).


2.1 The terms and conditions of this Agreement are the only terms and conditions upon which the Artist is prepared to provide the Work to Oldy’s and they shall govern the provision by the Artist of the Work to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions. No changes to this Agreement shall be valid unless agreed in writing by Oldy’s.

2.2 The Artist agrees to provide the Work in accordance with good professional practice and in accordance with this Agreement.

2.3 The provision of work and Submission of artwork by the Artist does not necessitate being published on Oldy’s products. 


3.1 There will be no payment offered or accepted. 

3.2 The Artist freely submits their work as a representation of the Artist’s work to be displayed on Oldy’s products.


4.1 The copyright in the Work, including all Artwork, shall be retained by the Artist.

4.2 Oldy’s is granted a licence solely as specified and for the Purpose of creating products that will expose the artist’s Artwork to the Oldy’s customer base. 

4.3 For the avoidance of doubt, the Artist shall have the right to use the Work and Artwork for the purpose of self-promotion, unless both parties agree otherwise in writing.

4.9 The Licensed Rights include the right to print off copies and download extracts of the Artwork for the purpose of exercising the Licensed Rights.


5.1 The Artist’s right to be identified as the author of the Work or Artwork is hereby asserted. 

5.2 Oldy’s shall ensure the Artist is credited in any editorial use of the Work.