Oldy’s Daily Dose


A single source Malawian coffee from the Mzuzu District, infused with a daily dose of CBD to pick you up and smooth you out.


Oldy’s Infused is a truly African brand. Oldy’s was created from the love of both Coffee and Cannabis. Our range of infused coffees and teas are carefully selected and sourced from Africa for the best, truly African taste experience. Our beans come in Virgin or infused with CBD derived from Cannabis Sativa. The oil infused into the Daily Dose has been enhanced with cannabis derived CBD isolate that is 99% pure.

For the Oldy’s Daily Dose we chose a coffee bean from the Northern highlands of Malawi. With the history of growing and supplying some of the best ganja in the world, we thought it fitting for our first coffee beans to come from this famous cannabis growing country. The beans are grown in the Usingini District, located close to the Songwe river which forms the natural border between Malawi and Tanzania. Interestingly there are 21 languages spoken in this area, a number matched only by the amazing bio-diversity of this mountain paradise.

Coffee bushes are grown in the shade of banana trees, between 1700 and 2000 m above sea level and ripe berries are all fully washed and sun dried. You can expect taste notes of Vanilla and Maple with light brown sugar and dried fruit.
Oldy’s Infused is a conscious company and we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.